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Secretary’s Message

A Message from SLOBA

At the time we write this, winds of change are sweeping across the nation. Old alliances are falling by the wayside, newer and  even more unprincipled alliances are emerging faster than the batting of an eyelid. Some of the new options are not so new after all and could very well be called old wine in a new bottle. Some of the old ones however, have had their day and picturesque as they may well seem, voluminous tributes are euphemism for an obituary, lyrically written, affectionately signed, carefully sealed and brutally delivered. How gullible we all are to this cyclical procedure, be it in our personal lives or our collective existence.

Yet there are lessons in this upheaval for us all as is there a method in the madness. When we go to the store, rarely do we willingly leave  behind merchandise bought with hard-earned money. When it comes  to the process of learning, alas, seldom do we demand accountability from our own selves, leave aside others. The student pays through his nose (at least his parents do) for lessons he takes pleasure in skipping, politicians double over with the beggar’s bowl only to throw away what is given to them, instances abound. But sad is the plight of  the one who loses all and loses owing to his poor foresight. As if this is not woe enough, this loss culminates, more often than not in the loss of hindsight too. The promise of greatness is buried in oblivion, the inherent abilities to deliver fall by the wayside. And yes, in the process he needlessly sacrifices what is rightfully his by passivity and inaction as somewhere down the line he has ceased to notice the changes in the world around him. The world was there for him to take and yet in the end, it is he who is consumed by the ways of the world.
Accountability has a very long rope attached and as much as it lets  you travel afar, in the end it is the very same binding that reins you in. So be it for the individual and the polity of the nation. 

Our alma mater has witnessed three scores of monsoon and spring and has felt the tremor of political upheaval and the trauma of uncertainty. The progress however has been steady. Over the years the school has produced outstanding students who have won accolades in their sphere of activities and have brought glory to the institution. And good many of them have carried on to become great
 human beings as well. The alumni association remembers all of them with pride and gratitude. 

 It is time now to call upon this warehouse of expertise and the temple of human excellence for a very definite qualitative enhancement of our own selves and the spheres of our own numerous activities. Meaningful participation in the propagation of excellence all around will not only let us pay our debts back but also greatly increase our own chances of survival. A small part of our efforts is towards our alma mater, our efforts in bringing greater glory to our school is not
  merely a courtesy with a few takers, but is the only passport to our  prospering in this world of accountability. The lesson India teaches us today is to unite all and sundry to share the glory of our beliefs, and the dynamism of our heritage and our institutions. Our school becomes an intrinsic part of our own selves more than ever before. Let us have a larger team to share the glory.