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Our Vision & Mission

We the 375 delegates of Alumni/ae associations from different corners of India with the support of delegates from Nepal gathered at the Second National Congress of Jesuit alumni/ae in Calcutta from 22-24 January, 1999 hereby declare that we wish to follow up the report of this Congress and the spirit of Jesuit alumni/ae with the following resolutions and recommendations.

Growing communalism and fundamentalism are a harsh reality. Given the ‘culture of silence’ of the educated classes, immediate actions are needed to counteract these destructive forces. Some suggestions are :

The National Federation itself has the potential of being a powerful resource in all the above. If we - in a deliberate, planned and strategic way - identify the Alumni/ae available to us (including those who are today not so active) we will have a vast variety of intellect and skills with which to carry out the above actions.

Furthermore, we could network with other Institutions / Associations / NGOs who are like minded in order to ensure that the culture of silence turns into a loud voice of reason.

Whilst doing all these, it will be important to be groomed in the core values and ensure the process of continuous self searching. We cannot let our spirit become militant and adversarial for what would defeat our very purpose.