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1. The name of the Association shall be "ST. LAWRENCE OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION”.

2. The registered office of the Association shall be at St. Lawrence High School, 27, Ballygunge Circular Road, Calcutta - 700 019.

3. The objects for which the Association is established are to care for the educational and social needs and well being of all persons residing in India and more particularly, in the territory, for the time being known as the State of West Bengal, without involving in any activity for profit.

In particular, the aims and objects of the Association are: -

(a) To construct, form, maintain, organize, run, manage, supervise, superintend, coordinate, affiliate, control, grant and aid study and research centres, libraries, laboratories, museums, clinics, practical classes, medical relief centres and such other projects, for the advancement of social and educational needs of the general public.

(b) To print, publish, purchase, and distribute books on different subjects, bulletins, periodicals, souvenirs, magazines, booklets, prospectuses, circulars, bills and posters.

(c) To grant stipends, scholarships, studentships and other allowances, concessions and gratuities to deserving scholars, students and other candidates.

(d) To collect, raise and receive subscriptions, donations and gifts in cash or in kind.

(e) To organize, hold and arrange cultural functions, recitations, debates, symposiums and other cultural and literary programs, and citations for the benefit of the public and to invite scholars, technicians, poets, artists and other learned persons to participate therein and to organize and hold classes and conduct examinations and award diplomas, certificates or other distinctions or titles.

(f) To borrow, raise money or moneys on such terms as may be thought fit by the Governing Body.

(g) To invest the money of the Association in such manner as the Governing Body may think fit and proper and also as may be permissible under the law.

(h) To enter into any arrangement or contract with any Government, authority or person whomsoever and to obtain from any Government authority or person such rights, concessions and privileges as the Association may think desirable and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangement, contract, privilege, right or concessions.

(i) To hire and employ, professors, teachers, instructors, doctors, legal advisors, clerks, servants, workmen and others and to pay them salaries, wages, gratuities, honorarium as may be necessary.

(j) For realization of the above objectives, the Association will inter-alia work towards renewing of school acquaintances, along with their wives and cultivate feelings of brotherhood, spirit of self help and corporate spirit among the Alumni members and keep the Alumni in touch with their Alma Mater.

(k) To do and cause to be done all such legal transactions as are in accord with the spirit and principles of the objects of the Association or which are conductive to the attainment and pursuit of the aims and objects of the Association.

Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained, the Income of the Association fund and property shall be applied and be applicable only to or for such charitable purposes only and within such territories only and subject to such conditions and limitations if any, as may from time to time be laid down in the Income Tax Act, 1961 or any other Act in modification or substitution thereof governing taxation of income for the time being in force, as will ensure or earn or make the Association hereby established and its income as eligible for exemption from taxation under the said act or Acts and further so that the Association hereby established shall be one to which the provisions of Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 or any other enactment or modification thereof apply, so that any donation to the Association be recognized as eligible for exemption from tax in regards to the donors.

4. The Income and the property of the Society shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the society set forth above and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of profits or otherwise to any member or Exmember of the society or to any of them or any person claiming through any of them provided that nothing therein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to any officer, servant, or employee of the Society or to any member of the Society including allowances, bonus and reimbursement of costs and travelling expenses in relation to or in return for any services rendered to the Society.

5. The management and control of the Society shall be entrusted to the Governing Body of the Society.

6. The names, addresses and description of the members of the First Governing Body of the Association are as follows:

SL. No. Name Address Description
1. Fr. A, Bruylants S.J. St. Lawrence High School
27 Ballygunge Circular Road, Calcutta-700 019
2. Mr. Suvabrata Sen 25A Kabir Road
Calcutta-700 026
3. Dr. Subrata Das 38,South End Park
Calcutta - 700 029
4. Mr. Prabir Neogi A5/8, Golf Green Urban complex
(Phase -I) Calcutta - 700 045
5. Dr. Soumitra Kumar 58/1 Ballygunge Circular Road
Saptaparni, Calcutta-700 019
6. Fr. K.C. Jacob, S.J. St. Lawrence High School
27, Ballygunge Circular Road Calcutta-700 019
7. Mr. Santanu Chatterjee Flat No.9, Block-7 W2A (R),
Golf Green Urban Complex 4 (B), Calcutta-700 045
8. Mr. Sati Prasad Bandyopadhyay 16B, Lake View Road Calcutta-700 029 -do-
9. Mr. Debasis Nandy 3, Ibrahimpur Road,
Jadavpur, Calcutta-700 032
10. Dr. C.P. Anand 22, Dr. Sarat Banerjee Road , Calcutta-700 029 -do-
11. Mr. Amitava Gupta 58/B,Ritchie Road, Calcutta-700 019 -do-

We, the undersigned are desirous of forming a Society in pursuance of this Memorandum of Association.

Signature Address Occupation
1. Sd/-(A. Bruylants) As above Jesuit Father
2. Sd/-(Suvabrata Sen) -do- Company Executive
3. Sd/-(Subrata Das) -do- Doctor
4. Sd/-(Prabir Neogi) -do- Company Executive
5. Sd/-(Soumitra Kumar) -do- Doctor
6. Sd/-(K.C. Jacob) -do- Jesuit Father
7. Sd/-(Santanu Chatterjee) -do- Company Executive
8. Sd/-(Sati Prasad Bandyopadhyay) -do- Govt. Official
9. Sd/-(Debasis Nandy) -do- Company Executive
10. Sd/-(C.P. Anand) -do- Doctor
11. Sd/-(Amitava Gupta) -do- Company Executive

Witness to the above signatures

Signature: SD/- (G.CHATTERJEE)

Address: The Calcutta Electric Supply Corpn (I) Ltd.,
Poddar Court, 18, Rabindra Sarani, Calcutta - 700 001.

Occupation: Company Executive
Dated the 2nd day of May 1985