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Who can be a Member:
Membership of the Society shall be open to all persons who have taught or studied for a minimum period of two years in St. Lawrence High School, Calcutta, as well as to their wives without distinction of caste, colour, creed or nationality, provided the Governing Body shall always have the right to close or throw open admission to the society of any or all classes of members as and when it so deems proper. There shall be three classes of members viz.: (i) Ordinary member (ii)  Life Member and (iii) Honorary Member. 

The Legalities: 

(a)  A candidate for election as Ordinary or Life Member shall submit an application for admission on the prescribed form may be suspended for such time as the Governing Body may decide from time to time.  (b)  Such application may be taken up for consideration by the Governing Body in due course at its meeting in which at least four of its members shall be present.   (c) On the decision of an application the Secretary shall forthwith notify the facts to the person concerned. If elected, the latter shall pay the annual subscription as prescribed within one month from the date of despatch of the intimation, failing which the Governing Body, may, at its option, cancel the election. (d)   Any person failing to be elected as a member of the Society shall not be eligible for consideration for membership till a period of two years has elapsed from the date of the decision of the Governing Body refusing his candidature. 

In Practice: 
Just fill out the form and send it over with a cheque or draft in the name of St. Lawrence Old Boys' Association. Outstation cheques should include a service charge of Rs. 15/- (Rs. Fifteen only). Demand Drafts are payable at CALCUTTA. For those abroad paying in international currency, Life Membership is US $ 15 (US$ Fifteen only). 

What does a Member get:

A member shall, subject to other provisions of these Rules and Regulations, enjoy the following rights and privileges: (a)  to discuss and vote on any matter referred to the General Meeting, (b)  to participate in all activities and enjoy all amenities of the Society provided in the Rules, Regulations and Bye-laws, (c) to receive a copy of the annual roster as well as any magazine as and when published by the Society and to wear such pin and or Tie  as the Society may provide. A member entitled to vote at a General meeting (either Annual or Extra Ordinary) of the Society must be present in the meeting and cannot authorize any other person to act as a proxy for him. 

Cessation of Membership:
Membership of the Society shall terminate: 

     by resignation in writing to the Honorary Secretary 
     on default of payment of subscription 
     when the Governing Body takes action to remove the name of any member