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From the beginnings to our days

We came away from Boitakhana to Ballygunge on a crisp winter morning of January 1937. Welcoming us at the junction of Ritchie Road and Ballygunge Circular Road under the shade of a giant mahogany tree, later a victim of the axe of some thoughtless city official, was a freshly painted signboard : St Lawrence High School, conducted by the Jesuit Fathers.

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St Lawrence Old Boys Association Founder's Memoirs

The story of the man called St Lawrence takes us back to the 3rd century A.D. to the City of Rome. Tradition offers glimpse of his rich personality and strength of character. In the early centuries of our modern era, the emperors of decadent Rome embodied the vices of the society of their time: nepotism, corruption and oppression of the poor.

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